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FäRG is made with the intention of being easy to use by everyone, this means that you can do it yourself. 

Follow this guide closely for the best result. 

If you have any further questions regarding application please contact your retailer. 

NB! Spackle the entire wall at the same time, because stops during will give an uneven color rendition on the finished FäRG wall. 

FäRG i farven #FJORD


1 Cover everything around the wall(s) you wish to spackle. Use masking tape for the edges, and plastic or paper for protecting your floors. Make sure the walls are clean and dry, before you start. 

2Apply the first layer of compound, with a regular wide scraper (we recommend size 15 cm or 35 cm).

If you apply with small strokes and many overlaps, the result will be wilder and livelier, whereas if you on the other hand, use long strokes and few overlaps, your result will be calmer.
Remove the masking tape after the first layer, before the wall dries. Let the wall dry for about 16 hours, before you continue with the second and last layer. 

FäRG Råmasse spartles nemt på væggen

3Sand runners and edges with sandpaper on a block, and dust off the wall afterwards. Reapply masking tape and apply the second layer of compound.

The layers should be even throughout the wall, but no thicker than 4 mm. Remove the masking tape after applying the second layer. Let it dry for about 16 hours or until it feels dry. 

4Sand the entire surface of the wall with sandpaper grit 180. It is important to sand by hand in soft circular strokes, until the wall doesn’t have any visible craters or edges.

Dust of the wall and keep the floor covered for the last treatment; the sealer. 

sådan påførerm du FäRG nemt

5Apply one layer of sealer with a short haired paint roller. Avoid runners, they will be very visible.

Use an atomizer, if you wish to spray the sealer on your wall*. Dilute the sealer with 50% water, and spray while dabbing with a lint free wipe, if any runners appears on the wall.
Apply a second layer after 6 hours – You only need two layers when using an atomizer.
*We recommend to apply the sealer with the paint roller

Remove all tape and covers while the sealer is still wet.

Finally, let it dry for min. 6 hours before usage – Your wall is now done. Good job! 

Så rulles spartlen på med en malerrulle

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