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FäRG is a Danish produced colored compound, for making raw walls with edge and character.
The compound is designed by experienced professionals, with focus on high quality and durability. FäRG is easy to apply and the sealer ‘Forsegling’ ensures that the walls are easy to clean and maintain.

FäRG adds a new layer to your interior while giving color, the colored compound gives structure and edge, more than ordinary paint could ever do.

Your personal taste is highlighted by the colors which you chose for your home. Additionally, colors add character to a room, they give energy and helps set the atmosphere.

Applying FäRG is easy and you can do it yourself

FäRG is easy to use by everyone – which means that you can create your FäRG wall yourself.

If you buy the starter kit, you get everything you need to get the best result. The starter kit contains: 10 l. Compound, 2 scrapers, masking tape, sandpaper, a set of paint rollers and 0.75 l. sealer.

FäRG equals color

At FäRG the colors vary and each collection follows the latest trends in decorating and interior design. This way we always have the most beautiful and sought-after colors.

FäRG also carries a handful of basic colors, these are standard in the FäRG color chart.

If you choose a dark or warm color for your walls, it adds a comfortable and welcoming feeling to the room, whereas cold colors will give a more urban and industrial look.



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